My Meditation Journal Day #113

Today I got up at around 3.15am in the morning. This sets my new record of the shortest sleeping time. By the way, I went to bed at around 11.45pm last night.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no sleeping problems. I am the kind of person that sleeps minimum 7 hours at night everyday, since I was born.

Since I started my morning meditation and qigong practice routine from 113 days ago, my sleeping quota gets less and less.

That’s a fantastic thing! You might be confused now. “What? You want to sleep less hours intentionally? But why?” Allow me to explain.

I learned that, for most people when you sleep, you are literally practice death. Yes you hear me right. During sleep, human has no conscious, pretty much like the dead.

The reason why we need sleep is, that’s the best way (for most people) to gain energy when we are tired, frustrated, bored, or whatever. Basically our body and mind need sleep to either replenish with qi/energy or escape from sufferings.

However our consciousness do not need to sleep. Consciousness is the life itself. Life is always on and wish to be in that state all the time. So if we sleep 7 or 8 hours a day, one third of our life is being dead. If we can live 100 years, we are pretty much a dead person for 33 years. Isn’t that sad?

But our body and mind need sleep. How to balance them? The answer is: yes body and mind need sleep, but not that much either. Scientific research found that highest quality sleeping time lasts for only 3 hours.

Do I use alarm clock to drag me out of bed? No, I didn’t use and shouldn’t use any alarm. What I need to do, is to allow my consciousness to be alert. Once it finds that my body and mind got well rested. It can wake me up naturally without any alarm.

Yesterday morning, I got up at 4.45am, total 5 hours of sleep. I was totally fine, not sleepy or tired during the day. Today I got up at 3.15am, total 3.5 hours of sleep. I meditated and practiced after I got up. Then I did my work at the computer for a few hours. After that, I did an 1.5 hour online interview. I am writing my blog right now… I am still very energetic and clear minded.