Slow down

procrastinating is not slowing down

Procrastinating and slowing down are different.

Procrastinating because of indecision, fear, lack of momentum.

Because you wait for the right moment,

because you let money and other factors decide for you.

Slowing down because of determination, confidence, and passion.

When you are passonate about life,

You are passionate about living every single second

like it would be the last second of your life.

You have to decide.

Not making any decision is also a decision.

Being procrastinating is also a decision.

But don’t choose that, because it’s the most terrible decision ever,

worse than any decision.

Now slow down first,

decide what matters to your life.

Not the money, not the fame. So what is it?

Life is not temporary, it’s a true happening.

Every moment of life is too quick to capture.

You can’t afford making no decision.

Slow down and make a decision,

so you can experience

what really matters to life!