About Delphine Zhu

How I Got Started

Being my own boss was always my dream since I graduated from university. Now I realize that it is not that I want to make more money or to be some important person. It is something deep…

My be-my-own-boss dream finally came true a few years after I immigrated to Canada, after doing a bunch of jobs as a business administrator, insurance broker, saleswoman, and lastly as a marketing assistant executive in a local high-tech company. I quit that 9 to 5 “stable” and “good-pay” job, and started to explore my journey of being my own boss.

Interestingly enough, my major at university had little to do with internet marketing. I started a SaaS and marketing company in 2009.

I like marketing the way that I could express myself through multiple channels in a mass way. The more I do marketing for different niches and industries, the more I understand human psychology.

At first, I thought that the best marketing should be, when I could effectively deliver messages to address the needs of potential customers, mostly their psychological needs. Now I realize that there is no such thing as the best or most effective marketing way.

Just like life, marketing is a process. What you can achieve depends on what intentions you put on when delivering your messages through whatever marketing ways. What method or tactic you use is not the key.

Who I Am

I can choose to work or not to work as I have the freedom of being my own boss. However, I work in front of computer for many hours everyday. To me, there is no difference between weekdays and weekends. Every day is a new day.

I like to put my thoughts in writing. I write in English although English is not my native speaking language. I know I may make mistakes here or there, but I am passionate to share more to hopefully inspire others.

My husband is an unbelievably sharp and insightful being. He is my inspiration and wisdom source. I have two lovely kids, who like to play mischief to me. I enjoy their company very much. Whatever they do, they manage to put lots of smiles and laughs on me. 🙂

Currently, I am on the journey to discover what I am capable of and who I really am…through dealing with all kinds of challenges in business.

People Who Have Influenced Me

Sadhguru, Yogi mystic, who opened up my heart, who guided me to see life in a completely new perspective, who inspired me to realize that life is the most profound than anything else in the cosmos…Finding Sadhguru on internet was an accident. But starting the journey to discover real me is not. I wish to meet him in person one day.

Dr. Pang, ZhiNeng Qigong founder and grandmaster. I started to practice qigong in my early 20s (from the 1990s). Qigong practicing equips me with tons of energy, open and creative mind, strong will power, and great health. Qigong was my foundation of physical being. I met Dr. Pang in person in 2018.

Dave Ramsey, a very smart guy with lots of sense about money and finances. He is a devout Christian. I am not a religious person. However, his wisdom and insight about money came from spirituality which I can resonate with.

Bob Proctor, a life and success coach, whom I knew from “The Secret”. Later from his “You were born rich” program in 2009, I had a complete overview of self-development and personal growth programs. I started to understand why this motivational and life coaching business was so popular and still is in the western world.

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