My Meditation Journal Day #89

Today is my 89th day of meditation.

This non-stop meditation journey started from June 22. The intention is that I want to find out who I really am. Somehow I feel that I live in a robotic body and mind. It is not real me who drive me to eat, work, sleep, feel…

Today is the first time that I meditate with eyes opened. After 88 consecutive days of meditation, I find that I can master my body and mind to a certain level. I still can be stable and calm while seeing everything around me. I was fully aware of the surroundings and the things that were happening in front of my eyes. I didn’t respond to them, meaning that I stopped my mind to process what I saw and what might be happening by what I saw.

I wanted to experience the true eyes behind the eyes and vision. The question for myself is: Who is it that is perceiving through my vision?