My Meditation Journal Day #89

Today is my 89th day of meditation.

This non-stop meditation journey started from June 22. The intention is that I want to find out who I really am. Somehow I feel that I live in a robotic body and mind. It is not real me who drive me to eat, work, sleep, feel…

Today is the first time that I meditate with eyes opened. After 88 consecutive days of meditation, I find that I can master my body and mind to a certain level. I still can be stable and calm while seeing everything around me. I was fully aware of the surroundings and the things that were happening in front of my eyes. I didn’t respond to them, meaning that I stopped my mind to process what I saw and what might be happening by what I saw.

I wanted to experience the true eyes behind the eyes and vision. The question for myself is: Who is it that is perceiving through my vision?

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Delphine Zhu

Delphine is a blogger, an entrepreneur and a certified International Qigong teacher at Onenergy Institute. Delphine started Qigong practice since her early 20s. She found that Qigong practicing equips her with tons of energy, open and creative mind, strong will power, as well as optimum health. Currently, she is seeking deep level of self transformation and self realization.