My true heart journey day #495 – Planting

One day, an idea came to my mind that I want to grow my own fruits.

I went to the nursery and bought a pack of seeds. Happily I came back and planted the seeds in my backyard.

Everyday I watched that area of soil and wondered how and when they would sprout. I did nothing but watered that area. Finally one sprout popped, and one after another I got many sprouts coming out of soil. I was so happy!

Was it me that make them sprout? Was it the watering? Or the sun, or the soil?

None of those. It is simply because of life, the possibility of life in those seeds. Given the proper environment, the water, sunlight, soil, the rest is taken care by life itself. I don’t need to worry about how to make those seeds grow. I literally didn’t do anything.

Same for anything happening and growing in this universe. Human, animals, plants, businesses… all we do is planting the seeds, and providing the natural environment. We don’t need to worry about how they will grow. Let life take care of the rest.

How wonderful it is! Thank life!