My Meditation Journal Day #117

Human Doing vs Human Being

Sat down, pulled out meditation app to start. Doing.

When the bell rang, instantly into meditative state. Being.

Found that butt was not perfectly leaning against cushion on the back. Doing.

Wanted very much to move body a bit to be in the perfect position. Doing.

Didn’t move, allowed self in that imperfection position. Being.

Body sank and merged with the earth. Stillness like a rock. Being.

Felt that this morning I had a great start in meditation. Doing.

Backed to the consciousness, breathing in and out. Being.

Reminded self that I shouldn’t have any distracting thought. Doing.

Aware of it, and back to connect with the breathing. Being.

Felt that it had been a long time already. Doing.

Quite certain that I had meditated longer than yesterday. Doing.

Aware of it, allowed thoughts coming and going. Being.

Felt that thighs muscles got tighter out of no reason. Doing.

Question echoed, “are you willing to accept whatever happens?” Doing.

Recalled what Jing said “Life is there with us from the beginning, we are just too ignorant to see it.” Doing.

Back on breathing. Deeply touched by life: I am alive! Being.

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Delphine Zhu

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