My Meditation Journal Day #132

All is connected!!! Everything is connected!

How come I never aware of it before?! Little movement such as lifting my arms, moving my neck, putting feet together… any small movement can trigger this deep indescribable feeling and sensation all over my body, on every layer from skins, muscles, bones, blood, vessels, organs to meridians, cells, all the way to subatomic level. I feel this very complicated and totally out of logic feeling of warm, hot, burning sensations, at the same time feeling of cool, fresh, crystal cold from the very very deep inside.

It is so overwhelming! No word can describe this. I am out of word. Today I experienced it. I realized that it is the state of entirety. That is the merge of Ying and Yang. That is the nature of life, so peaceful but so alive!

That is what I felt during Qigong practice after today’s meditation.

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Delphine Zhu

Delphine is a blogger, an entrepreneur and a certified International Qigong teacher. Delphine started Qigong practice since her early 20s. She found that Qigong practicing equips her with tons of energy, open and creative mind, strong will power, as well as optimum health. Currently, she is seeking deep level of self transformation and self realization.