About Delphine Zhu

How I Got Started

Being my own boss was always my dream since I graduated from university. The interesting thing was that my major at university was nothing to do with internet marketing – maybe a little bit with marketing but totally not with internet. And I could not imagine I would become an internet marketing consultant 10 years from then.

My be-my-own-boss dream finally came true 6 years after I immigrated to Vancouver Canada, after doing bunch of jobs as business administrator, insurance broker, sales women and lastly as a marketing assistant executive in a local high-tech company.

I still couldn’t believe that I made my decision to quit that 9 to 5 “stable” and “good-pay-salary” job back in 2008. And I am so happy that I made that decision which led me to this amazing career and life. Since then I devoted to my own internet marketing business full time.

Who I Am

At work, I am an internet marketer. And at bottom of my heart I am a learner and an “adapter”. Internet are growing crazy. The “new” tactics that I learnt two or three year ago were no longer working well as before. All the work me and my team did which successfully pushed clients’ website organically ranked high on search engines yesterday, won’t guarantee still working today. We have to work with (not against or cheat on) search engines especially Google everyday. We have to keep an eye on each and every move Google does, and then we change our marketing strategies quickly enough to adapt to its movement.

Internet marketing is boring, I have to admit it. Not that exciting as it looks like. We have to keep doing stuff that we believe working consistently- every month, every week and every day. I am an goal getter and nothing can easily make me quit. That’s why I can hold on to my promises to my clients. I never guarantee my clients to let their website stay on first page “for ever”, because I know its not legit in search engine marketing world. But me and my team work so hard to guarantee their website to rank for more and more great keywords over the time. Some rankings for certain keywords might be knocked down for a while, however website rankings for many other keywords would get up. Because we know how to dance with search engines and make them like our clients website over the time.

People Who Influence Me

Dr. Pang, Zhi Neng Qigong founder and grandmaster. I started to practice qigong in my early 20s. Qigong practicing equips me with tons of energy, open and creative mind, strong will power, and great health. Zhi Neng Qigong is my foundation of life, career and relationship.

Tony Robbins, #1 motivator, who motivated me and taught me to take actions despite of fear and resistance.

Anzhi Chen, Chinese best motivational speaker, who introduced concept of personal development from western world, and introduced his coach Tony Robbins.

Bob Proctor, the best life and success coach, who revealed the secret of being happy and successful.

At home, I am a happy wife, a mom with two loving kids. I feel grateful everyday for having such a wonderful family who put smiles in my life everyday. I love you!

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  1. There is no minimum charge. My fee is based on different service packages that clients need. And I have to look at your business first and to do a competitive research before I could tell what marketing efforts I will put to benefit your business.

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