My True Heart Journey – Meditation Journal Day #177

My body belongs to the earth. Before I was told, now I know it.

The moment I enter into the meditative state, I clearly feel that my body is sinking down and down to the earth. It becomes as heavy as the wet mud, which couldn’t easily pick up from the ground. It belongs to the earth, it comes from the earth. Earth is its home.

The body becomes so still and ease by itself. None of the body issues ever exist, because mind has no way to interfere with body in that deep meditative state. Every cell in this body clearly knows how to maintain its optimal condition. Once they are allowed to be themselves, they can take care of themselves very well.

Where is my mind? I lost my mind, I lost my thought. All I am busy at is responding to the endless empty space. So overwhelming, I feel that there are so much to perceive but feel so empty and I don’t know where to start and how to start. I am simply watching, observing, interacting, responding… not through any normal sense. Because of this emptiness, everything, living or not, is created and hold. Because of this emptiness, I exist.