My True Heart Journey Day #686 – True Existence

Because of this body, I can breathe, see, hear, smell, sense… I am experiencing this wonderful physical world.

Because of this mind, I can think, imagine, understand, calculate, memorize, feel… I am enjoying these wonderful and powerful faculties which only human brains are capable of.

But when I put down my body and mind, I realize that I don’t own this body or this mind.

The universe is being so kind and generous to allow this life to use this body and this mind that this little piece of life is able to experience this vast multifarious physical world.

When I put down this body and this mind, five senses fade away, life and this true existence reveals themselves.

Only at that moment, life and death merge, dark and light merge, past, present and future merge… and become one.

Ah… Everything does come from one and only one. Life source, Qi, Onenergy… is the One. And the One comes from none, zero, nothing, Dao, Shiva… which is infinite!