My True Heart Journey – Meditation Journal Day #178

I realize today that: There are two strong forces inside of me.

One is pulling me down to the earth. I can feel that it is from my body. It is what my body desires. The body feels secure and certain only when it connects with its source: the earth.

The other one is pulling me up to the vast void. It is not yet strong as my body force. But it gets stronger everyday. I realize that it is what my life desires. The life wants to connect with its source; it wants to get rid of the bondage of the physicals; it wants to expand to the limitlessness; it wants to liberate itself.

And there is another interesting force, which is kinda floating between the two. Sometimes it is close to the earth; sometimes it flies to the sky. When I want to observe it, I notice that my eye balls are dragged by it up and down. Then my thoughts come here and there.

When I notice that thoughts come, I lock my eye balls and focus on Yin Tang (between eyebrows) . Then I can reconnect with the life force which is pulling me up.

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Delphine Zhu

Delphine is a blogger, an entrepreneur and a certified International Qigong teacher. Delphine started Qigong practice since her early 20s. She found that Qigong practicing equips her with tons of energy, open and creative mind, strong will power, as well as optimum health. Currently, she is seeking deep level of self transformation and self realization.