Who Does Not Enjoy Free Music?

Fee-based music or Free music with ads, your choice?

Asked to imagine a world without ad-supported music, most people said they would leave the legitimate market rather than pay for music outright.

Who gets benefit from Free music?

MySpace Music - free online music
MySpace Music - free online music

Music lovers for sure. But Myspace is the big lucky guy who gets the most benefit from millions of free web traffics. More than one-half of users who currently take advantage of peer-to-peer sharing said they would look to services such as MySpace Music.

The free model has helped MySpace Music soar in popularity over the past year. According to Nielsen, year-over-year traffic to the site has increased more than 1,000%, making it the third-most-visited music site on the Web.

The top three music sites are: AOL Music (22,686 thousands unique visitors in June 2009), Yahoo Music (20,571 thousand), Myspace Music (12,130 thousand).

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