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Chris Lee (chrisleehome.com)

2. 在服务方面,Delphine总是亲力亲为,亲自和我沟通,及时而且到位,亲切而又周全,每次我遇到任何问题,她都在第一时间帮我解决,而且解决结果都是出乎意料的让人满意。
3. 价格方面,我敢肯定的说,全大温没有比Admee更实惠的了。


Tyra Xu (homewithtyra.com)
Once Delphine sent me the traffic sammary for my website homewithtyra.com, I knew that my choice was absolutely right. I was in Real Estate for 4 years now. Started as a conveyancer in a Real Estate office, I’ve seen many successful realtors and some realtors not being very active. That’s how I started what to build my professional public image. I proached Delphine as I noticed her great work for other realtors and that’s exactly what I want for my own website. She goes along with me every step to set it up and answers me questions after my website is established. Until this year, most of my new client heard me from the internet and visited my website. I would highly recommend Delphine as your internet marketing specialist!

Shelley Liu (vanluxuryhomes.com)
I got to know Delphine by chance. When i saw the website she designed for other realtors, i realized that i finally found the person that i have been looking for.

through the experience i worked with her, she really showed me what professionalizm means. She is really patient and listens to clients’ need attentively. The website her team has designed for me made me really satisfied.

I think her work has exceeded my expecation. It’s been a pleasure to work with her and her team and i am sure she will be really successful by being so professional and so persistent.

Wei Lu






DELPHINE听取我的设想,把很多模糊的构思变成现实的网页,不厌其烦的修改、更新甚至重新制作;同时她给我提出很多专业建议,在保证职业信息的前提下充分保留了我的个性内容;二对于我们之间的分歧,DELPHINE 也是给予充分的解释和说明。


Angel Wang (angelhome.ca)
Delphine and her team are very professional in doing SEO marketing for my website… my website gets highly ranked on Google, Yahoo, Baidu, both in Chinese and English…I got many leads who found me on Youtube and by search engines…I got calls and emails from potential clients…highly recommend for professionals!

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