All Possible Social Media Marketing Tracking Metrics

A post about social media marketing tracking metrics inspired me to write this. There are quite a few wonders and concerns about whether social media marketing is an effective marking channel. The biggest challenge for marketers, myself included, is to figure out how to effectively tracking social media marketing ROI.

As recent survey showed, and I totally understand why over 70% of the marketers only track “likes” and followers which social media platform provides. Because most of social media tracking and analysis tools are not so satisfied. Survey-takers expressed frustration with a lack of tools that integrate all social platforms, and reported that the complexity of social media analysis tools makes them too time consuming to utilize.

Some of the social media analysis tools I used:

Google Analytics – it has some sort of data to track traffic from social media channels

WildfireApp – used to be a great tool to track your competitors FaceBook and Twitter’s likes, follows and checkin. Was acquired by Google. (Recent updated social media tools for small businesses)

TwentyFeet – a tool which can track multiple things, including FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, etc. It is fee based. And I found it a little bit slow in loading data.

TweetReach – to find out how far your tweets can reach/influence. It has both free and fee based service. The problem I have to use its free service is that it only allows me to track the past 8 days data.

Topsy – a great search engine to “listen” to the public about any topic trend happening everywhere including social media sites.

There are more other tools on the market that I found and tried. But so far I couldn’t find any of them can track all these nine social media metrics:

1. Social reach (# of followers, likes, members, subscribers, etc.)
2. Traffic referrals by social media channel
3. Leads by social media channel
4. Engagement per post/tweet
5. Conversion rate by social media channel
6. Top influencers
7. Ratio of positive to negative mentions
8. Sales by social media channel
9. ROI by social media channel

In order to get as many tracking data as possible, I have to use more than five tools at a time. Not to mention that many of them are fee based. It is kinda low effective for social media marketing.

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