SEM Myth: Branding For Uniqueness or Who You Really Are

Every business tend to brand its uniqueness against many other competitors who provide same or similar products or services. For the purpose of SEM (Search Engine Marketing), branding sometimes may go conflict with all the marketing effort to get traffic with high relevancy.

For example, a video conferencing company spends all its marketing efforts to brand themselves as a “video communications” company, just because their competitors do conferencing. But the problem is their customers do not see them as a “video communications” company. Their clients want video conferencing, and that’s what they see them as.

Keyword Search SEM
Keyword Search SEM

So when they put “video communications” as their main keyword to SEO their pages and hyperlinks, they got problem: their prospects couldn’t find them easily on search engines. That is a big mistake. A severe marketing mistake!

The correct way to both brand their business and to better SEM, they should add keyword modifier to their main keyword “video conferencing”. One way of doing that is to put location, i.e. county, zip code, into the main keyword.  “video conferencing Vancouver”  is a good keyword modifier sample. To add words which describing your quality is another great idea. For example, they can use “best video conferencing” or a combination of two as “best video conferencing Vancouver”.

Overall, it’s not an easy job to find those keyword modifiers which are both relevent to your services and attracting as many highly targeted traffics as possible to your site. It takes time and efforts in investigating and splitting test.

To employ a SEM expert to do the job for you will save you huge amount of time and money, if you don’t know how to do them yourself.