New Mobile SEO Trend: Voice Search Optimization

Technology giants have been developing their own AI voice assistance for years. Google Voice, Amazon Echo, Samsung Bixby, Apple Siri and so on. Can you see the mobile marketing trend/need through?

Voice recognition technology is greatly improved over the last year especially. Voice search became more practical and will soon be a common way to use on a smartphone. It is the time to consider that voice search optimization will be the next step in search engine optimization (SEO) for website that want to optimize their mobile search.

There is a big difference between voice searches and traditional keyword searches. When users search by typing on keyboard, they usually use shorter keyword phrases. But when users search by voice, they use long tail conversational keyword phrases in questions.

Let’s give an example to illustrate. Traditionally, we type “mobile SEO trend” in keyword search; While we do voice search using Google voice for example, we say “what is the new mobile SEO trend in 2018”. Long tail keyword phrases combining with “What, When, How, Where, Which, Why, Is it” and so on questions are mostly used in voice search.

A voice search optimized website needs to be mobile friendly, as doing SEO for a voice search won’t matter much if your website doesn’t appear on mobile SERPs because it isn’t mobile friendly.

Speed and convenience are the main reasons people use voice search, therefore, the website needs to be fast and user friendly, and the content has to be up-to-date and precise.

In Summary

Website that contain the question and the answer, and are optimized for the long tail conversational keyword in the up-to-date content, mobile friendly, loading fast are expected to rank better in voice search.

Reference: Alexa vs Google Assistant vs Siri vs Bixby: Which Voice Assistant Is The Best?