How Do Mobile SEO

For most of the experienced internet marketers, we are quite familiar with the general rules of SEO. But not quite the same when SEO a mobile site.

Considering having 10% of search volume from mobile searches in 2010, and expected to reach 16% from mobile queries by Sep 2011 (according to Performics), it is really a must to SEO a site both for desktop computers and mobile devices, i.e. iPhone, smartphone.

Keyword research is always a key for any type of SEO and/or SEM job. Thanks to Google Mobile Keyword Research Tool, we now can accurately figure out the monthly searches for any particular keyword phrase from those mobile devices.

Remember, the bouncing rate and average time length that every visitor stay on the site, are still playing an very important role for search engines to decide whether to rank a site to the top page or not. That’s why it is so important to direct each mobile queries to a mobile formatted site, also known as mobile friendly site.

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