How Close Is Local Mobile Marketing To Your Business?

gomobile-300Recent states show that only 12% of local small to medium businesses in North America catch up with mobile marketing trend since 2010. Most of them never aware that mobile marketing is so close to them everyday. At least mobile device already becomes one of the most important things to carry everyday just like wallet to everyone.

What sets local mobile marketing apart from any other local marketing ways?

Instant marketing

The traditional tools of marketing have become outdated just because they can not be in touch with the target customers day in and day out. They may come out with new offers and schemes but the customers are not aware of them. It is not always possible for all to stick glued to the television to catch the latest development of every product that they are using.

So, it is the responsibility of the company to make the customers know about all the recent developments of their products and services. There is no better way than local mobile marketing.

Life span

Mobile marketing service is more effective than any other marketing because the life span is longer. If you send a message to your customer, it will be there in the inbox, whereas the other tools of marketing are ephemeral and short lived. But the customer can always take a look on the message whenever he wants later on. So, the life span and effect of local mobile marketing is far reaching.

Existing and new customers

This marketing tool helps to maintain the existing customers. At the same time, it is easier to gain new customers as well. The service will send message to the existing customers. It will also set some target of the new customers as well.


Small and medium scale businesses thrive on local mobile marketing primarily. There are a number of local marketing services that will claim make your product popular. But you have to consider a few things before you take recourse to a local mobile marketing service.

• Who are your target customers? Before deciding your marketing strategy, you must identify your target customers.
• Identify their mobile using habits.
• It is important to know when they are using their mobiles and to what extent, whether they delete the messages or take a look again when free.

Local mobile marketing service is not only about messages. There are interactive voice calls, picture messages and so on. Whatever it may be, the main aim is to extend the reach of a company. Marketing strategies can not be predefined and static. It has to evolve itself according to the requirements. Local mobile marketing strategies too can change itself from time to time according to the need of the business.