5 Reasons Online Real Estate Listing Promotion Surpass Old Ways

Online real estate listing promotion is hot. It gets more eyeballs. It is the preferred source of information for most home buyers surpassing old sources like the print ads, yard signs, magazines, billboards and television.

What makes online real estate marketing so popular? There are several reasons that make web promotion of listings effective and popular. Here we list five of them.

Cost Effective

Millions of internet users are using the internet for browsing through listings. The crowd can only grow bigger with increasing use of the Internet day by day. The costs compared to reaching a huge audience and visibility is quite low giving a fillip to internet listings. The affordability combined with convenience makes web promotion a killer. Emails and online chats are means of low cost fast interaction tool for the marketer to stay in touch with clients.

Time Saving

Internet searches effectively shorten home search for homebuyers. How? Well the homebuyer can sift through the information and zero in on the most suitable listings of their preference, in the process saving on physical searches. In turn they are more likely to close deals sooner than can be achieved through traditional methods.

Average Home Buyer is getting Younger

The average age of the homebuyer is reducing with better employment and available loans. What does it mean? You would agree that the young generation is more tech savvy. They spend more and more time tweeting, social networking and of course searching. The latest generation is virtually growing up on the Internet. Would not anyone promoting real estate want to get their attention constantly?

It is also observed that internet clients of real estate are wealthier and more knowledgeable. Why would not someone selling a property want  to miss fat pocket clients?


With the popularity of blogging sites like Twitter the space for online promotion of real estate has got a new dimension. MicroBlogging sites like Twittter, social networking sites Facebook are the latest tools in the hands of web marketers for real estate listing promotion.

Visual Impact

A virtual tour, Realtor’s real estate video channel, photos – all go a long way to make a deep impact on the homebuyer. All these tools are being used more and more on web portals. The best of brochures would fail to make an impression when compared to these new age tools.

However it is important to adhere to certain real estate marketing tips while promoting real estate listings on portals.

  • Use a professional domain with a good name
  • Creating dedicated accounts in blogging sites
  • Maintain a good database of the leads coming from internet promotion
  • Use the right keywords with matching headlines on the web pages
  • Have pictures, videos or downloadable brochures in the website
  • Technical tools for promoting web ranking of the site including SEO
  • Most importantly have professionals follow up the leads

The Internet is getting bigger and so is the real estate listing promotions on it. If you are not online then you are ‘offline’ in real estate promotion!