Google Tells What Most Popular Dental Services Are

Do you know what’s the most popular dental services your potential dental customers are searching for?

Do we guess or study the true stats and trends? Of course we have to look at what Google has showed us. Because over 70% of people in Canada are using Google to do online research, Google results are more likely showing a bigger picture.

Below is a chart showing all the hottest dental services I found through Google Insight:

That lovely chart clearly shows us that dental industry here in British Columbia Canada is somewhat a seasonal market. Because people are searching much less about any dental service from the beginning of November to the beginning of January. And the hot season for dental services (especially implant or implants) is from May to September.

So if you are thinking of launching your biggest dental marketing campaign, you’d be avoiding the whole Winter. When market is picking up in Spring, that’s the time for massive dental marketing until the end of Summer.