Dental Patients Cancel Visits A Lot, It’s Time For Online Marketing

It was inspired by one of the report in Walt Street Journal. The headline goes: Dentists Step Up Marketing as Patients Skip Their Visits.

Because of high unemployment rate (9.1% in BC), as more patients lose jobs and employer-sponsored insurance, fewer come in for major treatments or even routine cleanings. A lot of dental practices here in BC already experienced big appointment lost as what happens to the whole dental industry in North America.

That means more dentists see the need to step up the marketing of their services. Most of them increase their spending in traditional marketing, for example ads on yellow pages, newspapers, direct mails. Since it gets lower and lower response rate by traditional marketing. Some of the dental practices have started to take advantage of online marketing to push their businesses and brands through internet.

Canadian and American Dental Association
Canadian and American Dental Association

Many small dental private practices are still preferring doing dental surgery as well as marketing by themselves. But the problem is, in dental school, most dentists learn that good location and personal service will earn referrals to new patients. But these days, the old ways alone aren’t enough to cut it and dentists with slumping business want to know what to do differently.

The lack of time and experience in marketing could make all the marketing money and work in vain. Dentists have to outsource the marketing jobs to the experts, who will make huge return to their dental businesses.