Onsite Video Interview Local Real Estate Agent

As one part of my marketing services, video marketing is considered to be the quickest and the most effective online marketing channel. Plus it is a lot more easier to get ranked by Google. (But it depends on what niche you are in. For real estate marketing niche, it is the case.) It allows your potential customers to know you and like you without having to see you fact to face. Video interview is one of the most influential way to build local professional’s rapport. After producing and editing the video, I will then submit it to over 40 video sharing sites, like youtube, dailymotion, clip.tv, Metacafe and so on.

If you are interested to get the service, please contact me here.

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Delphine is a blogger, an entrepreneur and a certified Zhineng Qigong teacher. Delphine started qigong practice since her early 20s. She found that qigong practicing equips her with tons of energy, open and creative mind, strong will power, and great health.

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  1. Video marketing is one effective mean of sending out an advertisement or any type of message. Great post!

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