Marketing Portfolio

 Search Engine Marketing

SEM is referred as a dynamic way for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu organic ranking. The most popular SEM channels include article, directory, social bookmarking, web2, blog, PR, forum, comment, and so on.

Social Media Marketing

There are actually quite a few social media sites, of which Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, WeChat (微信) are by far the most popular ones in the world. Social media sites are great resources to catch up trends and to connect with real people.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is becoming the most developing marketing channels since there are way more mobile users than computer users. My mobile marketing services include SMS, QR-code and App marketing.

Video Marketing

Video marketing can be deemed as one channel of SEM. Since videos are easily be ranked on Google, video marketing is widely used and continue to be proved as the most powerful online marketing strategy.

Website Design

We provide SEO’d web design with mobile friendly version. We do keyword and niche research before doing the web design to make sure the website in a perfect state for online marketing.

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