Chapter Two (1 of 2)

Chapter Two (part one)

Ten Things To Avoid When Doing Online Marketing For Local Business

I had talked to many local business owners, and some of them told me that they already had a website but they got no leads from it. So they thought business website is useless for their business.

So I looked through their sites and found out these five most common mistakes local businesses made:

1. The website is just another business brochure online.

It is one of those kinds of websites that even teenagers can make in a few days without any sense of professional website design. It usually piles up with contents; transcripts all of their existing paper brochures into the website contents.

No web category setup. No deeper linking system built up. No title tag, description, meta tag, h1. h2, etc. Although it may look OK for the visitor, I will still call it junk site. Because it will do no benefit for the business nor the visitors.

2. Have website submitted to search engines, and assume it will be indexed or ranked.

Have some marketing guys to submit your web site to as many search engines as they can get hold of. No, that is by no means going to do any good on your web site promotion.

There are only a handful of search engines like Google and Yahoo worth their name. Others are all trash. What most such search engines like Google will do is to run the spiders to crawl for new websites or contents automatically.

If you want your site get indexed quicker, have a back link from some high rank or active third party website. By doing that, usually any new website will be indexed within 48 hours.

Please also be aware that it is different for a site to be indexed or ranked. Get ranked means your website will be listed on the first few pages of search engine searching results. None of the web sites ever get ranked on top pages without any online marketing.

If your site is not ranked on first one or two pages of searching results, chances are you’ll get almost zero visits. No visits, no leads and no sales!

3. Put up irrelevant content and massively link externally to third party site.

Yes, we like to share great things with others by human nature. But you got to understand that your site rank will be sacrificed by those irrelevant contents. Take real estate niche for example, I found many Realtor’s web sites have resources page where they put up everything: government, electricity company, cable company, schools, shopping malls, and so on.

And even worse, they put up external links to all those sites. Well, it may be nice for real estate buyers to have all those information in one place. But search engine like Google will be confused about what your web site is truly about.

Google will value those sites which each of them belong to one specific niche. Since you mention and even link to those resources sites which are not in your niche, your site will be devalued by Google in the real estate niche.

Because linking is one of the key factors on which search engines determine your site rank.

However there is a way to solve it. If you really have to put up an external link to non-niche related sites, be remember to insert “no-follow” link instead of “do-follow” link. That way search engine like Google will ignore those external linking from your site, therefore you site rank won’t get hurt.

4. Use the keywords that you think your buyers would search for.

You never did keyword research before and you probably didn’t know what keyword research is. But keyword research is the MOST important thing to do before even design a website.

Most of the local business owners would assume some keywords which they use to describe their business as the ones buyers would search for online. Take real estate niche for example, Realtor use “real estate agent” to describe their professional job, and they would assume real estate buyers would also search for “real estate agent” online to find local Realtor.

Yes, people do search for “real estate agent” online, but they are not necessarily the buyers. Yet I found that most of the people who search for “real estate agent” are information searchers. They probably look for how to become a real estate agent, what real estate agent means, how much real estate agent earns, etc.

Therefore in order to find those keywords which real buyers are using to find your business, you got to do a lot of work finding those “buying keywords”. I will teach you how to do that in Chapter 5.

5. Build up a website for website owner’s interest

You probably would not admit that you build up a website for your own interest, but most of the time you did. Think back when you had someone design the website for your business. Did you just pick up a template which is attractive to you? Did you just put up some contents which you thought your clients would like to see?

Have you done any market research or competitive research before making your website? A proper market search should at least cover the following two topics:

– who your potential buyers are, what their demographic profile are: age, sex, have kids or not, education, household income, etc.?

– who your online competitors are, what product/service they provide and how they promote online?

With those information on hand, you will be able to build a website for your clients interests, so that more potential buyers will be attracted to your website. Also you will be able to know what marketing strategies you could use to beat your competitors.

Need a competitive research done for your niche?


“10 Things To Avoid When Doing Online Marketing (Part Two)”

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