Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Start Promote Online In Less Than 20 Minutes

Yes, there are way more things to do to promote your local business online. It will take you for ever to learn and do those many stuffs by yourself. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it now.

First things first, you want to add your business to the main search engines’ local business listings. Some of them cost money, while some don’t. I listed couple of them for you to start out below. You will need up to 20 minutes to list your business on each of these listings.

Google places – used to be Google local business center

Yahoo local business listings

Bing local business listings

Ask local

Once you submit to those search engines local business listings, you will find your business listed on the search result pages for certain geo-targeted keywords.

You want to make your business name listed on the “magic 7” spots with Google local business map, but no one knows exactly how. However there are some factors which maybe accounted for being listed there.

surrey bc dentist_google local search

1. Location: Distance from “Centroid” (the geographic center of the area searched) – the closer your business is, the higher you rank — well kind of.

2. Information: Listings containing more robust information and links rank higher in results (e.g., a website link, keyword-rich content, media, etc). Enhance your listing with keyword-rich content targeting the top keyword phrases prospective consumers may use to find you.

3. Corroboration: How many other local search engines or directories have your same listing published? Each time the information contained in your listing matches the NAP and description on other “relevant” sites, your listing gets a “citation” (award) — the more citations you have, the higher your business ranks.

4. “Objective” Consumer Input: How many consumer reviews/ratings or other sources of user input does your business have on “relevant” sites? How many are positive/negative? To maximize citations and achieve the highest possible ranking you need to get as much positive feedback as possible.

There are other more factors to determine the ranking of your local business listing in Google. But despite of all those, you got to post your business there otherwise you’ll never get any chance listed in the “magic 7”.


“Yes, you can get the qualified leads for free!”

See you in the next chapter,

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