Chapter One

Chapter One

What Online Marketing Is For…

Before I talk about the businesses which may not fit into the internet world, you have to understand that online marketing is one of the marketing ways. One should never tell you to totally forget about traditional marketing, such as trade show, direct mail, radio or TV ads as long as they are continuously bringing you good quantity of leads.

But the thing is, if you do not have any online presence nowadays, you are invisible to the majority of potential buyers. Because people would rather getting information easily through internet than being sold or approached by any business.

So the purpose of online marketing for local based business, are…

First of all, to increase its visibility to the public, or to be precisely to the potential buyers. Online marketing, also known as internet marketing, will give any business its most exposure.

Just like you place ads on the newspapers or TV, you want people to recall your business name when they need your product or service sooner or later. Online marketing will also have the advertising effect, but not limited to that.

But the problem with traditional marketing media is that they are broadcasting to the mass public which is too broad to focus. Therefore the ROI (return of investment) could be lower than what you can expect through online multimedia marketing.

Online marketing is better than any other traditional marketing that it’s easy and accurate to track, its ROI can be much higher if you understand how to marketing your business in the most effective ways.

You know people are actively searching online. And search engines are smart enough to show them only the things that related to what they search for. If you could find out what search terms (keywords) your targeted buyers are using to look for your product/service, you could make your business visible to them whenever they search for those information.

Tips: According to the psychologists, human will passively accept anything in his subconscious mind when he see/view/hear/touch it for more than 7 times. All you have to do is to make you visible to your potential buyers more than 7 times before they see your competitors!

Secondly, to build rapport with potential buyers. People are reluctant to get unexpected business calls, no matter cold calls or warm calls. Today’s buyers are well educated to search for and then compare all possible options through multiple channels, of which the most convenient one is by the internet.

So now the question comes to “How will you differentiate your product or service from your competitors on the internet”? The answer is to give every information potential buyers want to know about it before they make the decision.

If it’s your product, show them that what benefits it has, how to use it, how they can return/exchange it, etc. If it’s your service, prove to them that how you will solve their problems, how they can make more money or save money or time through your service, etc.

Customer purchase decision filter

And how?

By traditional marketing, you just got one chance to show or prove to them when they walk into your store or have a meeting with you face to face. If you screw it, you lost them for ever. But by online marketing, you got at least couple and even hundreds of chances to show your great stuffs.

Because potential buyers will find your posted articles, your videos, your podcasting and testimonials whenever and wherever they search for related information on the internet. They now believe your product is the best and you are the expert!

They will then go to your website to place an order, or call to make an appointment, or visit your store. By that time they are highly qualified prospects. And think about all the hassles you would have to deal with in the traditional prospecting process, will be saved because of online marketing.

Case Study: how majority of large purchase decisions are influenced by web

It used to be that if you were going to make a large purchase like a real estate, a piece of heavy duty machinery or a car, the information that influenced your decision the most was obtained from face-to-face interactions with sellers or info you learned at trade shows. But all that has changed as the Web has become the central hub of information.

According to MarketingSherpa the information sources that have experienced the largest increase are virtual trade shows and events, search engines, and business info/news Web sites. These info sources play the most influential role on purchasing decisions of $25,000 or more.

In addition to the shift in information sources, there has also been a critical shift in the value of information that people put on third party testimonials and peer discussions within social media.

The MarketingSherpa report found:

“Social media sites such as blogs and social networks are emerging resources due in large part to the objectivity of their content. While third-party social sites are favored for their impartiality, vendor branded blogs and discussion groups on vendor branded social sites provide a mix of subjective company information with moderated commentary and peer discussions.”

Online Marketing Isn’t For You, if…

Since online marketing will give your business the most exposure, the following business models are not supposed to take advantage of online marketing to promote their businesses:

– Any type of illegal businesses which are forbidden by local or federal government. Or police will also catch up on you easily.

– Any business that deals with highly confidential information which should not whatsoever release to the public.

– Any business that are not allowed to promote in certain country or area due to local regulation or law. For example, casino is not allowed to promote online in some countries.

Everything I teach you about is NOT legal advice. Please check with your lawyer for appropriate legal advice.

Other than that, almost all the legal businesses are fitted into the internet world. At least they should have a web presence (their own domain website, or some free hosting web page.) Some of them may not need online marketing if…

– The business has no problem getting more than enough leads which they can handle, and they are not interested in growing their business whatsoever; (Some family doctors wouldn’t mind marketing their business anyway, because they already got enough patients and they don’t want to take more patients. Yet some of them also have website.)

– The business only deals with a private group of people, and those people will have no other choice but to deal with that business;

– There is absolutely no competition in the niche where the business is in, and people are already familiar with its product and service and want them dearly; (The government services are pretty much like this, however they still have websites and they also promote them on TV, radio and on the internet!)

– The business is dying because no one in the world will need or interested in its product or service.

So, if your business is in any of the above situations, I strongly suggest you stop looking at online marketing. If not, you definitely need online marketing to get you more prospects/leads!

Next, you are ready to move but you are new to the internet marketing. You should know…
“10 Things To Avoid When Doing Online marketing…”

See you in the next chapter,

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