Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Yes! You Can Get High Quality Leads For Free

All local businesses are hungry for leads. Especially when some of them were convinced that potential buyers are hanging there online. So they started to spend quite a few dollars each month to purchase so called “high quality exclusive” leads from some online leads generation companies.

Well, sometimes it maybe the easiest and fastest way to get new leads, but the quality of such instant leads are not guaranteed. Most of the time you will find your ROI is much less than you expected.

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to pay for high quality leads if you know how to get them for free. But of course it takes time and efforts, most of time a lot of time and efforts are needed if you are new to the online marketing.

If you got 3-5 hours spare time every working day, you probably want to start doing it by yourself.

The concept for getting free leads for your business is fulfilled by search engine marketing or SEM and social media marketing.

Social media marketing is a separate marketing concepts other than search engine marketing. I won’t go to details about social media marketing here. Let’s look at search engine marketing now.

What is search engine marketing (SEM)? Basically it makes your website ranked on the first page of major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) for groups of keywords. It requires a lot of contents because search engines use contents as the main factor to index and rank all web pages.

When your website is ranked on top of search engines for group of keywords, traffic will come to your site automatically. Those high quality leads are within those traffic if you are targeting the right keywords.

What are the right keywords? The right keywords are buying keywords, which are used by the potential buyers, not just the information searchers or visits. To capture those buying keywords are the most challenging task. You have to have enough knowledge and experience to find them by massive amount of keyword research.

But one thing you have to understand that the buying keywords will change because people change everyday. So the next critical tasks is to closely monitor those already-targeted buying keywords and track their conversion rate. By the end of every month, you want to discard those low-conversion buying keywords and to add new buying keywords to your marketing campaigns.

You then create lots of original good quality contents based on the buying keywords you want to target. Most people think content is text. Actually it’s far more than that because search engines can “read” articles, blog posts, images, pictures, videos and audios in all sorts of format.

With all these contents you can launch your own marketing campaign: article marketing, blogging, video marketing, podcasting, etc. And you don’t want to just do one type of marketing campaigns. You have to do multiple and even all of them, so that your potential buyers won’t miss your content.

The more keyword-targeted contents you distributed over the internet, the more buying traffic will come to your site. And you don’t pay to get them. They come to find you! This is exactly online marketing is all about.


“Online Marketing D.I.Y. Steps and Tips!”

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