Chapter Five

Chapter Five

Online Marketing D.I.Y. Steps and Tips!

online marketing steps chart

Step 1: Keyword Research

This is the most critical step in the whole process. It never matters whether some keywords bring tons of traffic to your site or bring just couple of traffic per day. After all, traffic means nothing, and ranking means nothing either unless they are bringing buyers. The best buying keywords you’ll try to find are the ones with moderate search results (within 600k page results) and OK competitors (at least 2 Adwords ads on the right side of Google).

There are tons of keyword research tools.

Google keyword tool is one of the greatest keyword tools. Best of all it’s free.

You will also need the following Google tools for your keyword research:

Search based keyword tool:
Google trends:
Google insight for search:

And don’t forget, Google search result page is the best keyword research tool. It tells you everything about:
-How many competing pages for that keyword;
-Whether it’s a buying keyword or not;
-What other keyword phrases are related to that keyword;
-Who your biggest competitors are for that keyword;
-And much more.

It will never be easy to find the right buying keywords. Marketing gurus are spending most of their time researching and testing in order to find those buying keywords.

Step 2: SEO Site

With step 1 you will usually find some buying keywords. If you are lucky, you will find some of them to be your main keywords (usually within 3 words). But most of them are long tail keywords. For example, if your site is selling dog leashes, the main keyword could be “dog leash”. Then the long tail keyword would be “leather dog leash”, “flexi dog leash”, “dog leash flashlight” and so on. You should use main keywords as main categories and long tail keywords as sub-categories for the best SEO purposes. The deep linking strategies should also be applied when structuring your site.

Step 3: Most Creation Jobs

It’s wise to include the main keyword in the domain you registered because it’ll definitely help your site rank top on search engines. The long tail buying keywords will usually be used to create articles, press releases, videos and so on. Whenever you create new articles, press releases and videos, you want to first upload them to your website. Always remember to use those keywords in the title, tag, the first paragraph, the last paragraph, and most importantly in the anchor text to link back to your site.

Step 4: Lots of Submission Jobs

Since 95.8% of search visits only went to Google’s first page and then give up or switch to another search term (keyword) if that search result didn’t justify their needs. That’s why marketing gurus are always investing lots of money and effort in ranking on top of search engines.

However to rank high on search engines is not that easy. You got to prove to search engines that your site is worth the ranking; otherwise it will never be ranked on the first page or will be pulled down in a very short period of time.

There are many ways to help rank both quicker and longer on main search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The following methods have been proved successful and consistently used by all the guru marketers, including article marketing, video marketing, press release submission, PAD submission and web2 marketing. You got to submit articles to hundreds and even thousands of article directories; submit press releases to hundreds of press release sites; submit videos to dozens of video sharing sites; submit PAD files to hundreds of PAD directories; and so on.

But the key isn’t about how many articles or videos you are going to distribute. It’s really about consistency. When we talk about marketing consistency, it may mean to submit at least 4-5 articles per month; submit at least 2 videos per month; submit at least one press release per month and so on.

You might think that to submit one article to hundreds or even thousands of article directories is already exhausting, and then to continually submit one new article every other day would be an impossible mission! Don’t even mention there are many other jobs to do besides article submission. It is indeed impossible for anyone to accomplish all of them. That’s why gurus usually hire a group of people to do the jobs for them day and night. Of course it costs a lot of money, however it really works.

You can also submit your domain to thousands of directories and classified sites. You can comment on niche related blogs, web2 and forums. You can go really aggressive by submitting documents to hundreds of document sharing sites and by submitting to dozens of podcasting directories. If you still got time and energy, don’t forget social networking with clients and prospects on twitter, Facebook, etc. After doing all those submissions or comments, you should bookmark all of them and then Ping their RSS feed.

Let’s look at some numbers:
These are all white hat type of marketing jobs in order to get your site rank high on Google, Bing and Yahoo, both in short term and in long term! And you should not just do it once; you should do it again and again.

These are total submission tasks per keyword!
1. Article marketing 200+
2. Bookmarking 100+
3. Web2 marketing 10+
4. Video marketing 30+
5. RSS feed marketing 100+
6. Others: comment, directory submission, podcasting, etc.

Typically you will be looking at 1,100 submission tasks per keyword per week (If you just send one article, one video and one bookmark per week). Usually one site/domain is optimized for at least 10 keywords. So you can imagine the workload of 11,000+ submissions per week!
Will you or can you do it yourself? I wish you can.

YES! Do the work for me and get me dominate my niche!

Step 5: Track and Report

Marketing without tracking is a waste of time and money. There are some good and free traffic tracking tools i.e. Google Analytics, which can track the traffic source by any given period of time. Just copy and paste several lines of html code onto your web page, then you’re good to go. You will also need some additional tools to monitor the page rank, Alexa page rank, backlink, etc. at least on a weekly basis.

Some of the tools are free, some are not. But most of them can just provide the static data when you request it. However you should review those report regularly and find out any necessary change to your current marketing strategy. Most of the time, you will discover more buying keywords to optimize for. Then go back to the step 1 where you will investigate on new buying keywords.


That’s the whole process of marketing loop with which to repeat month after month. I can assure you great success if you keep on doing it for 3 months. But once your site gets ranked after 3 months, you have to keep on doing it otherwise your site rank won’t stay.

If you ask me “when to stop doing all those jobs?” and my answer is “Stop it when you don’t want to get new leads”.

YES! Do the work for me and get me dominate my niche!

“If you got any question regarding how to promote your business and to get more leads, please contact me or call my cell 778–773-2595 at any time!”

Hope You Enjoy My Online Marketing Course!

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