Local Business Listings Submission Tool FAQ

>>What is local business listings submission?

Local business listings submission is a service that allows you to enter your critical business information one time and have it posted to all the major Online Yellow Pages, Search Engines, industry directories and 411 directory assistance.

>>Most of these sites allow me to load my information for free, so why do I have to pay?

There are dozens of important directory sites that you would have to send this information to and the process can take many hours. Many important venues such as 411 Directory Assistance, Mobile phones and GPS Navigation devices have no way at all for users to submit data. We set the price low enough that it is cost effective for the time of even a small business. We also have to manually load the information if a directory does not take it electronically.

>>What Search Engines and Directories receive the data?

We send the business profiles to all the major Search Engines and Directories, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Superpages and Yellowpages.com. It also now includes 411 Directory Assistance and GPS navigation devices as well as OnStar. This list is constantly expanding as we add more distribution.

>>Can I control where the listings go?

My tool is able to provide more certainty about its distribution by working with the vendors who provide the underlying databases to the publishers, so it is not possible to deselect specific sites. A principle is to make the data freely available to all legitimate Search Engines and Directories in our industry in order for the business listings to be universally distributed. You may, of course, still claim your listing on individual sites if you prefer.

>>What will happen if I have already claimed a listing on some sites?

My tool is not “claiming” listings in its process and, assuming the data matches, there should be no duplication; in fact when publishers see identical data coming from other reliable sources they can treat it as having more value. Publishers generally give precedence to information verified directly by a business owner, so if you are claiming listings, you should make sure it is kept up to date.

>>How soon will my information start appearing?

You should allow 60 days. Some directories will change the information within days or weeks, but others do not refresh their data for a month or two. We cannot control that, but we can assure you we will make the data available to the publishers and database vendors as quickly as their schedules permit. (Note: All listings subject to phone verification to validate business name as submitted and location address.)

>>Will the directories use all of the data I send?

No, most will use only the data elements that they typically publish. Some only publish bare minimum data such as phone number and address, but increasingly they will publish the enhanced data you provide.

>>Are there limits on length of descriptions and what can go in them?

Yes, we use Google as the benchmark and they permit 200 characters (including the spaces) for descriptions. Anything longer than that would be cut off. This must also be plain text, no special characters like trademark signs, and no HTML code or links. Preferably this should be a clear description of what your business does and not advertising content.

>>How do you handle photos and videos, and what formats can they be?

In order to distribute these effectively we send these as links to existing images that you are responsible for maintaining. The advantage is that if you keep the same file name, you do not have to resubmit a changed logo or photo. Publishers may display the photos in their pages. Again we use Google as a benchmark for format:

  • Each photo must be smaller than 1MB.
  • Each photo must be under 1024 x 1024 pixels.
  • Photos must be in one of these formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP

>>Will old listings be removed or updated?

We cannot guarantee that a directory will be able to match an enhanced listing like this to their existing data, but we will provide every piece of information to ensure they can do so if at all possible. This includes a date stamp so they know that the information came directly from the business and is most likely fresher than their standard data sources.

>>Who will see this data and how can I be assured of my privacy?

You should ONLY provide information that you want the public to have in order to contact you. We will not share this information directly with marketers or non-directory entities, but we cannot guarantee that the information will not be read online and used for this purpose.

>>How often can I make changes?

As often as you wish through our contact form. Remember though, that the directories will not update the information so regularly. This is not a venue for promoting “weekly specials” or other data that changes frequently. You may be able to do that via the Coupon Link or other links; this update method is primarily for basic business facts such as name, address and telephone number.

>>Why can’t I buy a posting for multiple years?

This is to make sure you check your listing for accuracy at least once a year to better serve you and the public. It also assures you that there will be no auto-rebilling activity in place.

>>Why is there a renewal fee?

Many directories and data providers require re-listing the data annually, so we have to repeat at least part of the process. Some directories remove listings if they are not actively updated – it also helps keep data fresh and information about your business accurate.

>>What if I do not renew?

If you do not renew after the notices we send, your record will be removed from, our “active” file that we provide to the directories. Different sites and distribution partners will treat deactivated listings in different ways according to their policies. Some may keep the listings active and some may delete the record, and this is beyond our control. We will not actively ask the publishers to remove the listing unless you ask us to (if the business is closed or relocated, for example.)

>>Can I request a deletion?

Yes. You may request a deletion of a listing that may be for a closed business or branch. We will send the request to the data vendors.

>>What is your return policy?

Our return policy is that all sales are final.

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