Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

As you know that mobile devices are having much smaller screen than those laptops or desktop computers, most of the websites (I would say more than 80% of them) are not mobile friendly, which means their website look awful on smartphones like iPhone, BlackBerry, and so on.

Yet their website may have a  fancy and functional view on a computer, they won’t be looking good on smartphones if traditional websites are not optimized for mobile browsers.

Besides those fancy flash won’t work on any mobile browser. Plus people won’t be able to select the telephone number and make calls directly to the local businesses if they want, because those phone numbers are “nicely” made in images rather than plain texts.

For local businesses, especially for those pizza stores, car wash, flower delivery, car rental, taxi, restaurants, etc., it is critical to have a website working under both traditional computers and mobile devices. Because those businesses are most frequently searched by the mobile users.

Think of this: mobile has the broadest reach of 4.8 billion users vs. internet 1.7 billion. By the end of 2010, there will be about 5 billion mobile users when the world population gets 6.8 billion. Mobile gets 5 times better sales conversion rate than traditional online. Mobile gets 7 times better coupon redemption rate than online and offline…

So really mobile marketing is the future of internet marketing, best of all it just gets started.

If you want to know whether your local business website is mobile friendly or not, please go to this useful website for checkup. And if  you want to have a mobile friendly website setup, just contact your local business marketing consultant.

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Delphine Zhu

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