How Social & Sharing Impact SEO In Google’s Eyes

Although Google used to include social network updates i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr updates in its organic search results, (and I believe Google is still testing it for some of the keyword search terms), most marketers believe that social media won’t count in SEO the website itself.

Because to SEO the website is totally different than to SEO the social media properties. For example, you can and have to SEO your Facebook page and your twitter account with the proper keywords. But all the SEO jobs you did to optimize your social media properties won’t improve the ranking of your money site directly.

Well, that may not be the case any longer with Google’s official introducing about its +1 social sharing button. What’s +1 button? According to Google:

“Our goal at Google is to get you the most relevant results as quickly as
possible. But relevance is about relationships as well as words on
webpages. That’s why we recently started to include more information
from people you know—stuff they’ve shared on Twitter, Flickr and other
sites—in Google search results.”

“Today we’re taking that a step further, enabling you to share
recommendations with the world right in Google’s search results. It’s called
+1—the digital shorthand for “this is pretty cool.” To recommend
something, all you have to do is click +1 on a webpage or ad you find
useful. These +1’s will then start appearing in Google’s search results.”

As the site owner, you would probably like to add +1 button on your web pages and encourage visitors to click on that button, so that the site will likely to be ranked on Google’s organic search results, in another word your site’s SEO could be impacted by numbers of clicks on that +1 button.

We will see down the road how +1 button really plays in SEO. Or at least we believe that Google thinks it really important to have social sharing to play its role in SEO.

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Delphine Zhu

Delphine is a blogger, an entrepreneur and a certified International Qigong teacher. Delphine started Qigong practice since her early 20s. She found that Qigong practicing equips her with tons of energy, open and creative mind, strong will power, as well as optimum health. Currently, she is seeking deep level of self transformation and self realization.