Email Marketing Open and Click Through Rate

MailerMailer stats shows that, unique email marketing gets averagely 12.5% open rate in the second half of 2008, which is 0.68% lower than first half of 2008, and 1.46% lower than year 2007.

Statistics shows that how often e-mails were opened and clicked varied with the industry of the sender—and the size of the list.

Messages delivered to small and medium lists had higher open and click-through rates than messages delivered to lists of 1,000 or more subscribers.

Religious and spiritual organizations had the highest open rates among large lists, followed by telecommunications and travel companies.

Here is the chart showing email open rate for most industries worldwide:

email open rate different industries
email open rate different industries

Click-through rates is even lower, for list of over 1000 subscribers, click-through rate is averagely 3.5%.

What’s your email campaign open rate and click-through rate? If you are getting similar or higher rate than what above stats shows, congratulations! Your email marketing is successful.

If not, you’d better thinking about how to improve your email open rate and click-through rate. Or most of the time, you are totally unaware of them. Then you definitely need some marketing expert to help you out. Otherwise you are losing sales everyday without noticing it!

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