Does Your Real Estate Website Do Leads Capture?

Although most of the real estate agents get a professionally looking website. However they still don’t get it and aren’t doing anything except taking listings and more listings and more listings.

But the problem is that listings weren’t selling.

I understand that the Internet is the best way to capture home buyers. Remember, sales is a numbers game and Real Estate is no different. If you want to work, then the Internet is the place to be.

Of course if you are just doing this part time or do not have a great work ethic, Internet leads are not for you. So let’s look at your website.

When someone comes to your site via the Internet, are they going to your home page? If so, that is your first mistake. The link from the Internet to your site needs to be directed at wherever you want the customer to end up.

For instance, if you want them to come to your site to do searches for property, then you need the link to go to the search page. However, if you do not have a mechanism to capture leads on your search page, you are making your second mistake. Most agents and brokers give away their MLS info on their site and don’t ask for a name, email address or phone number from the consumer. Why would you do that? If they are going to do a search on your site, you need to be able to capture this info…what’s the sense of having a site that is just informational with no capture?

Of course you can always just have them click on the “Contact Us” link on your site. You may get .00001% of the consumers to click.

With all that said, be sure to have your link on the Internet pointed to the portion of your site that is going to capture their data. Since 95% of the time they are just looking to do a search, it makes sense to have your search page as the landing page.

If you are going to do that, be sure to have them register before they can search your site. The ones that don’t register were never going to contact you in the first place. If you don’t know how to create an appropriate landing page for your site, contact your local online marketing expert for help.

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