Did Link Building Fail in SEO ranking?

First of all link building is still one of the most effective ways for SEO ranking. More and more small businesses have been educated enough to understand how important to build back links through content marketing. “Luckily” they found some article marketing and content creation tools which really make it easy for them to come up with new articles and blogs for content marketing matter. However most of them find it miserably non working. So they started to question about link building technique ever working in current SEO world?

linkbuildingTo answer that question, we have to clarify one very important concept: link popularity or in another term I like the most – “link juice”.

Basically, link popularity is comprised of three components and one influencing factor: link quantity, link quality, relevance and anchor text.

Link quantity – the number of links pointing to a specific webpage. Having lots of links is a good thing.

Link quality – quality is determined by the authority of the host pages/sites and the pages/sites linking to them. Quality flows from one page to the next through links. Most people know this factor as PageRank.

Anchor text – this is the clickable part of the link you see, it’s a query ranking indicator and an endorsement, it tells both humans and bots what is about to come. Anchors using keyword phrases provide additional “weight” and carry semantic value, Google doesn’t spell out much for us when it comes to the importance of ranking influences but they have in the case of anchor text:
“Anchor text influences the queries your site ranks for in the search results.”

Relevance – Links to and from contextually relevant or thematically related sites/pages are supposed to convey more authority, relevance helps establish where you belong topically and/or geographically. You don’t have to get links from pages in your keyword niches but it helps. The relevance component can be a key factor in the phenomena known as “negative SEO”. If you’re not familiar with the issue, read here and if you are, you know how easy it can be to have this happen to you.

So to make link building counts, ideally you want to:

1. write in quality and in good length (400-700 words) per content
2. post each quality content to as many pages as possible (that is link quantity)
3. post to those pages with high page rank scores (that is link quality)
4. use your targeted keyword and its varies as a clickable link (that is anchor text)
5. post on topically or geographically relevant pages (that is relevance)
6. post as frequently as you could, recommend one quality piece of content every week at least.

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