Re/Max New Real Estate Ads Campaign Inspired Me

I was inspired by new real estate ads campaign which RE/MAX announced Jan 24 to roll out nationally focusing on “all the things that move you.”

As what they released to the press, All the Things That Move You(SM) includes a full schedule of TV, radio, Internet, print and outdoor ads that will run throughout 2012. Designed to identify with the personal moments that drive decisions by homebuyers and sellers – having a baby, getting married, landing a new job or downsizing – the campaign reinforces the notion that experienced RE/MAX agents know how to help.

I thought, Hmm that really is a good marketing approach. Real estate agent is there to help potential home buyers and sellers to fulfil their dreams, not just sell or buy some properties. Because otherwise it would make no difference to hire anyone to do the job.

I think Re/Max’s new ads campaign is trying to let people connect Re/Max the brand with some personal feelings, so it might be helpful in building its brand. Here is why, if those ads could really touch people’s feelings, it could “plant a seed” into people’s subconscious mind. Therefore Re/Max the name could easily be triggered when those feelings come to the surface or when such moments come.

Well, would their campaigns help individual Re/Max real estate agent’s business directly?

Not too much I think. Like I always talk to my local real estate agent friends, your success depends on how successfully you could build your own brand as an individual real estate agent. It doesn’t matter what agency you are with today, what matters is what makes your potential clients believe you can help them to fulfil their dream.

But how? Since you don’t have so big amount of money to run your own ads campaigns on TV or radio as Re/Max did, you can still have some real estate marketing company to design a marketing plan to fit your budget. I am not talking about having property virtual tours posted to YouTube, because really those virtual tours won’t trigger any emotion and won’t help in building your own brand. Let’s do something differently amazing and make people remember you and like you.