iPhone vs BlackBerry, What’s Your Pick?

Apple iphone hits the sweet spot

Apple hits the sweet spot.

According to the “Smartphone Usage and Brand Study” from Crowd Science, 13% of mobile phone users surveyed worldwide (with approximately half from the US) use iPhones, overtaking Blackberry at 9%.

Not only are iPhone owners more satisfied—and more brand-loyal—than any other smartphone users, they use the most smartphone features.

Highly satisfied customers add up to big brand equity for Apple. Fully 82% of iPhone users told Crowd Science they would probably or definitely purchase an iPhone again, and 97% would recommend the device to someone else.

What’s more, 38% of smartphone users without an iPhone said they would probably or definitely buy one next, compared with just 14% of non-BlackBerry users who would purchase a BlackBerry.

The most commonly used smartphone functions, on average, were the Internet (80% of respondents), camera (74%) and e-mail (73%).

Web surfing, of course, it’s one of iphone’s biggest advantages. Nowadays, people use build-in camera a lot. What do they usually do with it? Record videos and upload them to tons of video sites. It is fun and it is one of the most powerful marketing ways: video marketing.

Video marketing is a must to build credibility with your potential customers no matter whether it’s a live one or recorded one. And it is pretty easy to do: use your build in camera (iphone or blackberry or many other cell phone), introduce you and your business in front of the camera, then record it. After that, upload the video to some video sites, i.e. youtube.com, dailymotion.com, yahoo video, etc.

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