Why Web Design When You Couldn’t Get Traffics

Some business owners wanted to hire us to do the web design because they’ve seen so many websites that we did for other businesses. And they gave some examples of websites they like and showed me some sites they hated.

So I asked them why they dislike those sites. They told me that they thought those sites looked bad. So I figure that business owners would prefer “beautiful, impressive looking” website and that’s it.

And I asked them for their goal for having the traffic or leads to their website, or their online marketing strategies to promote their site, they had totally no clue.

I know that many web designers on the market may do great jobs in designing “great looking” website, for example the flash sites, just to please those business owners who are very care or even picky about the looking. But they take few consideration of how to attract traffics, how to convert leads, or how to keep visitors stay on site longer, when design the website.

However I always believe that the looking of the website maybe important when the site gets enough visits. Plus who believes that the visitors would love the owners’ taste about impressive looking site? On the contrast, I found some sites which some owners hated about are those with better performance!

We only provide web design which may not perfectly match you taste, but will be best for marketing.