Different Reasons Why Men vs Women Go Online

This is a report from “Magid Media Futures” report by Frank N. Magid Associates. It shows,

comparison shop
comparison shop


For men, the most popular leisure activity was watching TV, followed by using the Internet, playing console games, and sports and exercise.

Surfing the Net was the most popular activity for female Web users, followed by watching TV, reading books and listening to music.

Girls ages 12 to 17 were more likely than average to say their favorite thing to do was listen to music and send text messages.

For both sexes, going online and watching TV were the top two leisure activities. Least popular were reading print media, text messaging and talking on mobile and home phones.

With the exception of those ages 55 to 64, more women said going online was their favorite leisure activity than men of the same age.


Why people go online

According to Ruder Finn, 100% of US Internet users surveyed in Q2 2009 went online to pass the time.

Other popular reasons were education (96%), connecting with others (92%), researching (89%) and sharing (86%).

The least common intentions when logging on were to make purchases (33%), manage finances (30%), comparison shop (28%) and join causes (26%).

With more and more consumers being aware of the advantages of shopping online, and the way of comparison shopping, local businesses are going to face even more competition unless they take actions to start marketing themselves online.